Starting a Weekly "New Android Development"​ Series

Starting a Weekly "New Android Development"​ Series


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In the past, I have only written web applications. I tried to build an iPhone application, and not only was the developer experience super difficult for me based on my web experience, the application would only work for people with iPhones...and only while they were using their iPhones.

Lately, I have been experimenting with Android - both for work and for not work. I have come to find out that Android is a more intuitive development platform (for me). I think this is partially due to Kotlin - which is essentially an improved version of Java (the original Android programming language).

I am going to share my Android experiments here, in hopes of connecting other people who are interested in New Android Development (as in new Android developers learning how to build new Android apps). Some initial topics that I am working on and plan to share:

If any of these sound interesting, let me know and I will bump it to the top of my list (otherwise - Authentication and Firestore will be my first topics because everything starts with the database:). My primary goal with sharing these posts is to filter through the almost infinite number of resources and provide a single (opinionated) "well lit path" for New Android Development. Stay tuned, and let me know what you would like to see covered.