Check Out Scoops Demo and Get Involved

Check Out Scoops Demo and Get Involved


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Scoops is my first Android app - and it is pretty awful. But we (yes, you and me) are going to change that.

What is Scoops?

Scoops helps people buy time from and sell time to trusted people. Think of it like Uber, but with small groups of buyers and sellers (and those groups of buyers and sellers are called Scoops - or Service Co-Ops). It is not just for driving - it is for dog walking, personal training, babysitting, and pretty much any type of hourly service you can imagine.

Take a look at this video, and you will see it is currently in pretty rough shape. But the foundation is laid, and now it is time to create a masterpiece:).

Get Involved!

If you dig the idea and know anything about Android Architecture, Kotlin, or Mobile Design, head on over to the Scoops Backlog in GitHub and get involved. I am hoping to tackle an issue (or 2) each weekend.

You are free to use the code, either as is or fork it for your own projects. Ideally, we can get a small set of folks to make this a reasonable quality starter project for Android - with MVVM, parent-child (and grand child) views using RecyclerViews and Firestore, Firebase Authentication, for Android/Web/iOS. A long way to go, but hopefully we have taken the first step.

Happy coding!